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Gua Sha is a jade stone, based on traditional Chinese medicine principles of qi (pronounced “chi”) or energy. Qi flows through our bodies to keep us healthy. Gua Sha treatments can be performed on the face by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in their offices or at home. The Gua Sha facial begins by using a gentle cleanser to cleanse your face. Next, apply oil or serum to the treatment area. You should not use your tool without an oil or serum because it can irritate and pull on the skin. The friction will damage the skin. Using oil or serum will help the stone glide effortlessly over your skin and not lead to damage. Gua Sha also helps products penetrate better, so you get more benefits.

Next, the Gua Sha tool is rubbed over the treatment areas in the direction of the muscle or based on the location of the meridian lines. The face is divided in half vertically into halves. It is important to keep the stone flat against the skin and follow the contours of the face. Start with one half of the face, and with slow, gentle pressure, move the massage tool starting from the chin upwards and outwards towards the jawline in long strokes. Do this 3-5 times before moving on to the cheeks, under the eyes and eye area, and finally the forehead using the same motions. You may increase the pressure as tolerated. Ideally, Gua Sha massage should be part of your daily routine to reap the full benefits and get the best results. However, you will get good results if you do it three times a week. You can perform this at home after cleansing and moisturizing your face before bedtime. The more you practice your Gua Sha massage technique, the better you will become.